Service Classifications

Service Classification refers to the act of grouping Public Service by the nature of activities they perform. There are nine Service Classifications and they are:
1.    Education Tertiary Service & Research 
2.    Education non Tertiary
3.    Health Services
4.    Subvented
5.    Regulatory
6.    Revenue and Accounting Services
7.    Public Policy, Planning Services Administration and  Related Services( PPPSARS)
8.    Security Services
9.    Legal and Judicial Services

Education Tertiary: They are higher educational institutions which includes Research Centres   and Scientific. Eg: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Cape Coast, University of Ghana. Science related institutions such as Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Polytechnic Universities, National Development Planning Commission, Environmental Protection Agency.

Education non Tertiary: they deal with other lower educational institutions which are not tertiary but under Ghana Education Service. Eg Ghana National College ,Ola Girls Secondary, Saint Louis Secondary School, Wesley  Girls Senior high school.

Health Services: They   are institutions which provide health related services to the public who are under the Ghana Health Service or the Ministry of Health. Eg, Korle –bu, komfo  Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana Health Service.

Regulatory: they are institutions whose rule or principle governs the behavior of people. Examples are Energy commission and Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

Revenue and Accounting:  this refers to the income of a government from all sources, used to pay for a nation's expenses. Examples include: Audit Service, Internal Audit Agency.

Public Policy, Planning Services Administration and Related Services (PPPSARS)

Security: they are institutions who provide safety to the public such as: Ghana Police Service, Prisons , Ghana Armed Forces.

Subvented: they are those Institutions whose operational area cannot be found under any specific classification as above but have a unique service or duty and are under government subvention. eg State Enterprise Commission.

Mapping and Migration

Mapping is the process of placing individual jobholders in an institution on the Single Spine Grade Structure based on established guidelines

Rules on Negotiations Procedure

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and labour unions, associations, institutions :