Cornelius Yawson

Cornelius has held senior management positions in several organizations including the Ghana Rubber Estate Ltd, State Insurance Company Ltd and the National Catholic Secretariat. Prior to taking up the challenge with the Commission he was Associate Consultant to many management consultancies preparing proposals, consulting for and organizing management and leadership development seminars and workshops for a varied number of client organizations.

AS HRM practitioner Cornelius has practiced industrial relations at different levels and across several sectors negotiating collective agreements and handling implementation difficulties and fallouts that arise from it.

Cornelius has done advanced studies in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and has attended several seminars, workshops, and courses in management and leadership development, conflict management, mediation and arbitration. He also has professional qualifications in law with special interest in Industrial and Employment Law, Human Rights, Gender and Development, Environmental Law, And Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Cornelius believes in industrial democracy and the concept of mutuality between the social partners as well as the principle of negotiating in good faith with a view to reaching agreement and looks forward to partnering and collaborating with the social partners to ensure that the relevant provisions in the Labour Act concerning negotiations, legal strikes, and unfair labour practices are fully realized to help ensure industrial peace and harmony.

Mapping and Migration

Mapping is the process of placing individual jobholders in an institution on the Single Spine Grade Structure based on established guidelines

Rules on Negotiations Procedure

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and labour unions, associations, institutions :