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Administrative Rules And Procedures For Implementing Categories 2 & 3 Allowances In The Public Service
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3.1    Category 1 Allowances: These are allowances that are related to the normal duties, responsibilities and requirements of a job. As a result, they have been considered as compensable factors in the nationwide job evaluation exercise to determine the relative worth of jobs and shall no longer exist within the Public Service. The following are Category 1 Allowances:

•    Bilingual/Journalist Allowance;
•    Cashier Allowance;
•    Duty Allowance;
•    General Risk Allowance;
•    Hazard Allowance;
•    Risk and Unpopular Allowance;
•    Professional Allowance;
•    Responsibility Allowance;
•    Special Allowance;
•    Frontier Allowance; and
•    Honorarium Allowance (paid to all staff on a monthly basis and not based on any special assignments)

3.2    Category 2 Allowances: These allowances are job related and are paid under special conditions and/or circumstances that arise from time to time, which require some compensation. Category 2 Allowances are to be harmonized and standardized and are thus to be negotiated. The following are the Category 2 Allowances:
•    Acting Allowance;
•    Additional Duty Allowance;
•    Temporary Transfer Allowance;
•    Height/Depth Allowance;
•    Tools Allowance;
• Permanent Transfer Allowance;
• Overtime Allowance;
•    Teaching/lnstruction Allowance;
•    Committee Sitting Allowance;
•    Training Allowance;
•    Inducement allowance; and
•    Hardship allowance.

3.3    Category 3 Allowances: These allowances are employee welfare related. The following are the Category 3 Allowances:
•    Physically Challenged Transport Allowance;
•    Physically Challenged Guide Allowance; ,
•    Medical Subsidy;   
•    Funeral Grant;
•    Day Trip Allowance;
•    Meal/Ration Allowance;
•    Travel & Luggage Allowance;
•    Night subsistence/Out-of-Station Allowance;
•    Vehicle Maintenance Allowance;
•    Warm Clothing Allowance;
•    Uniform/Clothing Allowance;
•    Overseas Officers Allowances; and
•    Protective clothing.

3.4 Category 4 Allowances: These allowances are benefits provided to public service officers within categories A and B public service officeholders (Directors and above). These benefits are:
•    Fuel;
•    Vehicle;
•    Housing/Accommodation;
•    Utilities (electricity, water, telephone);
•    Domestic/ House help;
•    Garden Boy;
•    Entertainment;
•    Clothing; and
•    Security.
These allowances are perks and as such are not to be negotiated but determined from time to time by the employer.


Mapping and Migration

Mapping is the process of placing individual jobholders in an institution on the Single Spine Grade Structure based on established guidelines

Rules on Negotiations Procedure

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and labour unions, associations, institutions :