Governing Body

The governing body of the Commission, according to section 5 of the Act, is a Board consisting of

(a) The chairperson,

(b) The vice-chairperson,

(c) The chief Executive of the Commission who shall be the member secretary, and

(d) Four other persons at least one of whom is a woman who have expertise in human resource management, wage and salary administration or law.

The members of the Board shall be appointed by the President in accordance with article 70 of the Constitution. The Board shall perform the functions of the Commission.

Members of the FWSC governing board are as follows:

1 Mr. John Theophilus Warmann - Chairperson
2 Ms Peggy Addo - Vice Chairperson
3 Mr. George Smith-Graham- Member, Secretary
4 Mrs. Victoria M Kunbuor - Member
5 Mr. Bossman Agyako- Member
6 Mr. Alex Frimpong - Member
7 Mr. Solomon Kobina Amoah- Member

Mapping and Migration

Mapping is the process of placing individual jobholders in an institution on the Single Spine Grade Structure based on established guidelines

Rules on Negotiations Procedure

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and labour unions, associations, institutions :