We exist to ensure that best practices in job grading, evaluation, performance management and research are employed in pay administration to ensure that pay in the Public services is linked to productivity and that high-caliber employees are attracted to and retained within the public service.

We shall achieve this by working through our highly–motivated, dedicated and innovative staff, adopting appropriate technological solutions, and also by collaborating effectively with our stakeholders through constructive dialogue and negotiations that promote and maintain industrial harmony.


To become a world class reference center in Pay Administration, promoting Fairness, Equity and Transparency in Public Services Compensation and Benefits

Our Mandate

1. Ensure fair, transparent and systematic implementation of the Government of Ghana Public Service Pay Policy.
2. Develop and advise Government on, and to ensure that decisions are implemented on matters related to:
• Salaries, wages, grading, classification
• Job analysis and job evaluation,
• Performance management and indicators,
• Allowances and benefits in the public service with the ultimate objective consolidation of the allowances and benefits; and
3. Undertake negotiations where compensation is financed from public funds.

Our Core Values


We value teams and each one’s role and contribution

We work together to achieve a common goal.

We encourage participation through collaboration, support and communication


Engaging superiors, colleagues and subordinates to reach consensus on all issues.

Negotiations and discussions with Unions, Associations and Politicians are frank, open and transparent.

Frequently engaged with the Media, Civil Society and Development Partners.




Decisions made are based on merit.

We are not influenced by interested parties; we are firm and stick to decisions made.

Objectivity and honesty remain present in our daily dealings with each other.

We will remain relevant by the quality of our service delivery.

We are competent and know our work.

We attach seriousness to our work and behave ethically.

We respect all staff and stakeholders

Rules and regulations are clearly spelt out and applied uniformly

Equal treatment for staff and all stakeholders.



We are open in all our activities

Unbiased decision making

There is no arbitrariness in our decision making.