“Equal Pay for work of Equal Value”, this definitely is the mantra of this Directorate, considering responsibilities. As the name suggests, this Directorate is expected to Plan, Manage and Direct Salary Administration, Grading, Re-Grading and Evaluation of Public Service jobs captured under Article 190 of the 1992 Constitution.


The Directorate too has the task of ensuring the retention of critical staff within the Public Service, who otherwise would have been engaged by the private sector owing to competitive salary structures.

Mrs. Eva Addo, a Human Resource expert heads the Directorate with the following duties and responsibilities.


The mandate of planning, managing, and directing salary administration, Grading, Re–grading and Evaluation exercises for the commission concerning public sector workers.


The Directorate also has the responsibility to develop a mechanism within the public service Salary System to attract and retain critical skills that the Public Sector would otherwise lose to the private sector. It is also expected to develop and monitor allowances and benefits of Public Servants and other emoluments which are deemed necessary.


Must develop a standardised procedure for reviewing jobs in the Public Service has a relationship to develop and ensure a consistent review of standard job methodology. Another responsibility the directorate has to execute is the implementation of Grading and Classification structures for the various institutions under its mandate.


Over the period the Directorate has ensured that Human Resource and Pay Roll personnel within the various organisations that are expected to be placed on the Single Spine Pay Structure are trained to facilitate the process. As at 31st December 2010, over 100 of such personnel from 95 institutions have been trained to carry out the mapping and migration onto the Single Spine Pay Structure.

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