The Single Spine Pay Policy


Determination of Salaries for jobs on the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS)


Placement on the SSSS was based on job analysis and job evaluation conducted on 1,806 benchmarked jobs. The exercise was undertaken on the basis of four broad job factor groupings.

The result of this exercise provided the basis for the placement of Public Service jobs onto the Single Spine Salary Structure.


  1. Consequence of Error (consequences of error in decision-making);
  2. Financial Responsibility (responsibility for financial resources);
  3. Responsibility for Assets (responsibility for assets and people – patients, students, inmates, goods, tools, equipment, etc.);
  4. Supervisory Responsibility (supervision of others); and
  5. Responsibility for relationships (responsibility for effective handling of personal contacts with staff, Clients, visitors, general public, government officials, private sector, etc.)


  1. Dexterity (the level of physical agility required for the job);
  2. Physical Effort (physical fatigue and result from performing the duties of the job); and
  • Mental Effort (mental, visual and auditory fatigue that result from performing the duties of the job).

The Four broad job factor groupings as follows: 

Knowledge and skills

  1. Knowledge (knowledge required for satisfactory performance of job duties)
  2. Learning Experience (practical work experience required to perform the job duties satisfactorily) and
  3. Judgement (exercising judgement in decision-making)

Working Conditions; and

  1. Work Environment (exposure to undesirable conditions; and
  2. Hazards (frequent exposure to hazards or the safety requirement under which the work is performed).