Functions of the Directorates

Salary Administration

The Directorate is responsible for conducting Job Analyses and Evaluations, Grading and Re-Grading of positions and developing Salary Structures for the Public Service based on annually negotiated Base Pay.

It also provides technical and operational direction on Government Pay Policy for Salary Administration for the achievement of the mandate of the Commission

Performance Management , Monitoring & Evaluation

The Directorate has the responsibility for coordinating Performance Management Systems of Public Service institutions on the Single Spine Pay System.

It also advises on performance management processes and indicators as well as the development and implementation of a robust public service-wide Performance Management System and to ensure that employee performance is fairly reflected in the public service pay system that links pay to productivity in the public service.

Finance & Administration

The Directorate has responsibility for directing and overseeing all the financial and administrative activities of the commission.

It provides financial, administrative and human capital Management leadership to support the smooth operation of the Commission, through prudent management of resources.

Research & Public Affairs

The Directorate is responsible for conducting appropriate research, surveys and analyses on salaries, benefits and allowances and ensures the provision of accurate and timely information for public service pay policy formulation, implementation and analysis.

It also monitors and evaluates institution’s compliance with the tenets and principles of the Single Spine Pay Policy to enable the Commission advise government appropriately on public sector pay management.

Grievances & Negotiations

The Directorate is responsible for coordinating, managing and monitoring collective bargaining processes in which the Government is the direct or indirect employer.

It also co-ordinates and manages collective bargaining processes in negotiation in which the Government is the direct or indirect employer and to ensure timely resolution of all grievances.