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1. Does the SSPP cover the private sector?

No. the SSPP covers public service institutions under Article 190 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

2. Why are there L and H on the SSSS

The L and H represent Low and High respectively. After completion of the comprehensive job evaluation exercise by the Consultant as part of the processes to kickstart the SSPP implementation, most of the jobs were similarly sized and as such, the L and H were introduced on every level to cater for the large numbers. This created overlaps across the structure where the ending point of each L became the beginning point of the H.

3. Why are some jobs paid market premium and others not paid same?

The Government White Paper on Market Premium indicated that, the basis for the payment of market premium was to be the findings of a Labour market survey to be spearheaded by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission. Pending this report, institutions that had an element of premiums in their salaries prior to migration onto the SSSS were the ones granted an “interim premium”.

4. Is it possible for two different jobs on the same level on the SSSS to receive different salaries?

All jobs covered by the SSPP draw from one unified 25-level structure. As a result, if two jobs in different institutions have the same placement, the basic salaries would be the same.

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