The Single Spine Pay Policy


The specific objectives of the Pay Policy are to: 

Place all public sector employees on one vertical structure

Ensure that jobs within the same job-value range are paid within the same pay range (i.e. "equal pay for work of equal worth")

Allow Government the ability to manage the wage bill more efficiently

Ensure compliance and ease of monitoring the pay structures of self-accounting institutions

Minimize industrial-relation tensions related to low pay and distortions across the Public Services and

Link pay to productivity.

Objectives of the Single Spine Pay Policy

The ultimate goal of the SSPP is to ensure equity, fairness, transparency, enhance performance and productivity and to promote accountable governance in Public Service Pay Administration.

Consequently, the overall objective has been to gradually remove distortions and inequities in public service pay and to enable government manage the public service wage bill in a more effective and efficient manner.